Dear Chicken Lady — Who are you really? A Chicken Fan

Dear Fan — I have morphed from housewife into chicken farmer, never imagining in my wildest dreams that I would be the caretaker for hundreds of birds of all sorts and sizes. We call our home Locust Lane for the black locusts trees that line our property, providing fragrance in the spring, fence posts and firewood the rest of the year. Believe me, with all the chickens, we need lots of fence posts which the locust trees enthusiastically provide.

Dear Chicken Lady — Why don’t you write a blog? I am always losing track of the wise things you say just when I need them most. Sincerely, Need a memory  Dear Needy — That is an excellent idea. Here’s a new blog that will capture all of those treasured columns from years past. We will add new advice each week, and answer questions right here and now.

Dear Chicken Lady — Surely you must have help to do all of this. I can’t keep up with washing my striped socks, feeding the chickens and nurturing the lady bugs. Sincerely, Frantic. Dear Frantic — Yes, Micki’s sister Teri is our editor and publisher. She lives in Alaska, where urban chickens are catching on big time. I blame her for inspiring us by her stories and writings; she is a tough act to follow.

Dear Chicken Lady — How do I know that you’re not some urban chick in a Manhattan highrise making up all of these stories? Skeptical — Dear Skeptic – I wanted to be an urban chick in a Manhattan highrise. How I ended up raising chickens still puzzles me. It started with a few eggs and a husband who had an old incubator. Add in 3 kids who were excited about any kind of pet, a friend who loved birds and passed that enthusiasm on to us and aforesaid husband who doesn’t do any project halfway and we have ended up breeding poultry (and have shared our home with Australian shepherd dogs, cats, rabbits, and a bazillion bugs, flowers, veggies and weeds) for the past twenty years. We show and sell our birds, and build deep friendships with a few of them, one being Little Richard, a Brown African goose who had a winning personality as well as a career on the show bird circuit, building fame although not a fortune. That by the way is how you know I am not making anything up because while I would love to claim that this all has brought us a fortune in financial terms, the real fortune has been in knowledge and relationships that we have developed over the years.

8 Responses to About

  1. Roy Gomez says:

    Dear Chicken Lady: I like your site. It’s very clean, sophisticated – and, though I hardly ever imagined being interested in chickens – I found your site interesting.

  2. Louisa Stone says:

    Dear Chicken Lady –
    Love this blog! What I love is the concrete details and the personality you put across. And, your fortune right there with kids, dogs, cats, birds, and Little Richard. lms

  3. Jianny Adamo says:

    I enjoy your humor and wit. It makes learn about chickens and farm life fun.

  4. Micki says:

    I’m learning how to do this so I am slow but thanks for your support.

  5. Thanks to all of you! Come back and visit again. We’ll try to have something new up here every couple of days about the fascinating lives of chickens and their people.

  6. Day Piercy says:

    I love the picture at the top of the page … an inviting way to begin and a wonderful symbol of your love of the beautiful chickens that you write about. “Dear chicken lady” is a great idea.

  7. Dear Chicken Lady: New follower checking in. Delightful space you have created.

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