Herding chickens and birthdays

Unherded chickens

Birthdays are about as easy to control as a herd of chickens. They happen, like it or not, just as chickens happen to move however they wish, with no regards for your desire to move them in a calm orderly group to a new pen.

Chicken herding requires a net, and proper attire for you will be down on hands and knees, fishing the recalcitrant fowl out from under the shelves, under the workbench, out of the boxes of nails it just knocked over on the straw covered ground, or out of the broken light bulbs that shattered as they flew high on the ledge to escape your attempts at an orderly transfer.

Birthdays can’t be netted and caged to control them; they happen, like it or not and you will move on to a new year despite any attempts to avoid it. Eventually you learn chickens don’t herd well and you might as well load them in a pen on the wagon and pull them to their new home. Birthdays might as well get loaded into history and you better pull your weight on into the new year.

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