Welcome to Chicken Lady at Locust Lane

Here you’ll find all manner of information about raising chickens, ducks geese, and a dozen other poultry favorites. The wisdom and woes of a small Midwest farm, what to do with garlic mustard, and where to look for the free popcorn at Rural King are here as well. Post your questions in the comments section and Chicken Lady will share her twenty years of knowledge about the feathered world of Locust Lane.

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4 Responses to Welcome to Chicken Lady at Locust Lane

  1. How do you make garlic mustard? I love garlic My frirend Hope raises chickens in South Carolina.
    This was a great class, don’t you think?

  2. Hope lives in the country. She writes for a living but I think her chickens provide her with a relaxing outlet. Thank you for the info on the garlic mustard.

  3. Well we had a tragedy in our water body recently. Some unknown disease killed off two-thirds of the geese population that were such a pleasure to watch as we had our morning cup of tea. The handlers had to segregate the newly born Goslings for fear of them too contracting the disease. Mercifully they seem to be doing fine.

    Even Vet could not provide a clear answer about what could be done to prevent such occurances in the future.


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